The Dads of Today

It used to be that the traditional dad was the bread winner of the house and the backseat parent that rarily participated in the "dirty" part of raising children. Who would of thought that dads would wind up changing diapers, kissing booboos, bathing, feeding, and even getting up in the middle of the night, to go to the baby (even if they had work the next day).

And the best part about these modern dads is ...they actually want to do it!

It takes more than just genetics to make a dad. It takes hard work, patience and much love.

To all the hardworking, hands-on dads that can't wait to wrap their arms around their little ones, that are true role models, partners and who put their children first before anything or anyone, Happy Father's day to you!

Wishing dads a wonderful celebration and many hugs and kisses from your little ones :)




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