Bozeman Fire Department seeks help clearing hydrants buried in snow

right thank you so much Mike with all the snow we've had recently and with more snow on the way as Mike just mentioned the city of Bozeman and the Bozeman Fire Department are asking for your help to clear the snow away around all the fire hydrants mtns Kenneth Webb has the details on why this is important we have right around a little over 2600 fire hydrants in the city of Bozeman and with the amount of snow that we've gotten over the last several weeks we just not have had a great success and getting them cleared out as quick as we would like to the fire hydrants are a vital part in the emergency services well Ron the Montana here we couldn't have asked for a better holiday season with all the snow we've had fall it's create a lot of concerns for emergency services in barring our fire hydrants and many other utilities around the area so we're looking to the public to kind of step up grab a shovel and help us out this season the importance of having the fire hydrant shoveled out assist the bows and fire department in a manpower if we arrive on scene and we need to shovel out this fire hydrant that's going to take a few minutes where a firefighter is dedicated to simply accessing this when he could be doing one of many other tasks according to the water and sewer superintendent the snow has never been this bad in many years in my 30 years here in Bozeman this is probably some of the most amount of snow that I've seen that we've had to deal with around our far heiner the Bozeman fire department has set certain measurement standards if you decide to help out with this cause we're looking to get a three-foot circumference around the fire hydrant fully clear it out down to the grass and also a 3-foot path out to the street this enables firefighters once on scene to quickly access the plug for water supply if needed we're also looking to the public and reminding them about your utilities on your house and keeping them clear of snow those utilities include your dryer and gas vents on the side and the roof of your home and there is one more thing the fire department is asking before bedding down tonight we're also asking folks to make sure your sidewalks are shoveled so people can move around safely along with driveways and ensure that your address is visible from the street side when we're driving past we need to see the address from the street so tonight walk out to the street look back at your house if you can't see the address either can with the additional snowfall expected over the next 24 to 48 hours Bozeman fire department and the city of Bozeman is asking for your help to remove the snow in and around the fire hydrants from your home from your neighborhood workplace or business to keep everybody safe reporting from Bozeman Kenneth Webb MTN news for additional information on the dimensions around the fire hydrants please visit us online as we just


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