Bozeman Fire puts bond on ballot for new station

According to Bozeman City a fire station alongside thoroughfares in Bozeman one of a litany of issues home. This bond according would give them the oppor station here to this lot a partnership and extendi can see it's kind of smal chief josh Waldo, it's 43 tacked to each room. Insi the living room, it's ano get four firefighters in have lunch, it gets reall safety, which is one of t just walking around in th here Can get pretty tight facility, you know, serve 46 years, but the communi grown and we need more sp four at a time serving 48 women to four beds to sle to another opportunity.

M this space along kg near rockies with growth, driv started making adjustment and this is just the seco this will not be the last we build in this communit lot has changed in the ci than 50,000 for station t So for you to know with t per year more on a proper is a critical infrastruct Another issue trying to t into that busy traffic.

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S car trying to turn left o being a full added fire t this just as the city's g busiest streets and in ou brighter larger future fo continue to grow and we'v investments now so that w ahead a little bit start a fire station to in boze .

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