Bozeman hotel responds to family’s complaint of bedbugs

local story for you now on Wednesday we brought you the story of a Florida family that claimed a stay at a Bozeman hotel included their son being bitten by bedbugs now initially the manager of the Quality Inn & Suites told us no comment after we reached out to the company including the corporate offices Choice Hotels but on Wednesday night the local hotel owner agreed to talk about the incident and Tans Cody Boyer continues our coverage with that part of the story a family traveling the u.s. for the summer says this happened to their son after a stay here at the Quality and in Suites in Bozeman according to the family they stayed there on the night of June 25th then left the next day we followed up with the manager contacting him shortly after 12 o'clock Wednesday afternoon he eventually returned our call saying no comment telling us to contact their corporate office choice hotels I left a message which they have not yet returned then last night we received this from the local owner of quality in a receipt of service from a company called eco lab which specializes in water hygiene and energy technologies including bedbug removal this document according to Ecolab it reads quote no bed bug activity noted during inspection all clear nothing and quote but note the time and date of service 12:57 p.m.

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July 3rd about a week after the family stay it's something that we definitely have had calls and in the past the Gallatin City County Health Department says bedbugs are a common issue especially this time of year there's a lot of additional travel and there's more travel that's available to a lot of a variety of individuals so there's more people traveling and bedbugs are really hard to treat with just common pesticides and they are not a new issue bedbugs have been around for centuries they're in every state in the u.s. they're in multiple countries around the world it's not just hotels it can be anywhere it could be a cinema it could be anywhere where there's people who frequently travel the question becomes did the family traveling from Florida bring the bedbugs with them unknowingly or did their son in fact get bitten at the quality inn one final note neither the hotel manager the local owner and their local attorney would comment on camera for this story in Bozeman Cody Boyer MTN news

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