Bozeman officials to clarify definition of ‘affordable housing’ at commission meeting

one of the biggest obstacles Bozeman city officials face is creating affordable housing and they will face it again tomorrow night at City Commission the Commission talks about affordable housing a lot but what exactly does affordable mean in the city's eyes it's no secret how fast Bozeman is growing and with three to four people moving here each day the price and demand for housing keeps on going up so the question arises what is considered an affordable house in Bozeman a three-bedroom house is about two hundred and eighteen thousand dollars in our affordable price bracket and then it's also eligible for some downpayment assistance an affordable price is determined by the size of the home and how many people plan to live there the problem in the past has been developers don't understand what is considered a lower priced home and what is a moderate priced home to fix this the city is updating the document the hope is that it takes some of the confusion out of the ordinance and you know and makes things easier going forward once the ordinance is updated the next step is finishing the action plan to not only define what affordable housing means but a guideline moving forward it'll it will set goals it will set benchmarks for for what exactly we're trying to accomplish in our affordable housing program and then hopefully we can we can start working towards those goals in Bozeman Medeiros PAP MTN news the Gallatin Association of Realtors says home prices increased by 14 percent in the last year and now is around four hundred and thirty thousand dollars

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