Bozeman Pass shooting suspect identified by law enforcement as manhunt continues

start near Bozeman with a manhunt continuing in Park County this afternoon after authorities say a suspected drunk driver fired at officers early this morning we've been following this story throughout the day and we go to Bozeman now where MTN's Mallory Peebles is standing by with the latest this has been the staging area since early Wednesday morning active with authorities coming and going searching by ground and air you know it's it's a 3d situation there's all these places he could go there's trees to hide under he could be he could literally be 50 yards away from us and we wouldn't see him Park County Sheriff's Office is leading the search effort north of i90 which includes law enforcement from Gallatin County National Forest the FBI and ATF they say the suspect 36 year old Shawn Z Cole is a felon familiar to them as he's part of a current investigation separate from this search the Park County Undersheriff says community members called 9-1-1 for a suspected drunk driver when they saw a vehicle swerving when officers made contact with Cole they say he drove off and started shooting a pistol out the window at them he did have a woman in the car with him but she was taken into custody with charges pending neighbors in the area are being asked to be cautious and not make contact with Cole who authorities say is still armed and dangerous people see this guy I think they see this guy do not approach him call us let us respond and let us deal with it for the latest on this developing story be sure to check back with MTN news reporting from Bozeman Pass I'm Mallory Peebles thanks so much Mallory and again the man law enforcement is searching for as shawnzy Cole he's described as a 36 year old white male just under six feet tall about 170 pounds and currently has a red mohawk haircut the Sheriff's Office initially provided the name and photograph of a man they identified as the suspect but later Tuesday morning issued a statement saying they had incorrectly identified that man

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