Bozeman Police, HAVEN: Reports of domestic violence increasing

we reported last week that the Bozeman Police Department saw an uptick in calls for service during 2018 yeah one of the major increases were calls for domestic violence empty ends Emma Hamilton has more on what be might be behind that Bozeman lease department saw nearly 100 more calls for domestic disturbances in 2018 compared to 2017 it's it's an issue that you know is a serious issue we respond to a number of them we are looking kind of at kind of what are the underlying factors with that if it's just the growth that we're experiencing or if there's something else there along with the police department Haven saw a 14 percent increase in the number of survivors it assisted that's 1116 people who think that there are three different reasons that this could be happening one is obviously our community is growing at a very rapid pace so we can expect all crime will likely go up unfortunately to is that more and more people are talking about this issue the stigma around having experienced domestic violence is hopefully slightly decreasing and more people are feeling comfortable about reaching out for support and then the third is that unfortunately we know that there have been a high number of homicides in the Bozeman area in the past three years and every time that happens we have learned to expect an increase in the number of calls to our support line the numbers could correlate or the two organizations could be seeing different people but we know that when we compare our numbers of survivors served compared to law-enforcement numbers a lot of cases don't make it all the way to law enforcement reporting in Bozeman emma hamilton MTN news and you might want to make a note of this the 24 hour support line for Haven it's four zero six five eight six four one one one

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