Bozeman shuts out Franklin County in district semifinals

welcome back while a busy busy night on the local diamonds tonight and some great games – let's start with Bozeman taking on Franklin County in the district for class 1a semi-finals the Bucks scoring right off the bat in this one but nothing really happens until the fourth inning here Tyler Lee wax that one to center field over there well it is caught but Zack foster is just too fast for them he makes his way on home then Kate Parker up to the plate after him since that one right past the second baseman their ball rolling in the outfield and the Seahawks are too concerned with Parker going to 3rd there that 2 bucks school on that hit and Parker's actually safe on 3rd over there wow it's 4 0 going into the 5th and my favorite play of the game a Seahawk hits to right field you think it's over Bear Johnson said but oh my gosh she catches that the hops on that kid here's the replay if you just missed it wow that was a high jump and with that defense Franklin County doesn't score at all in this one so final bozeman 5 Franklin County 0 the Bucks will take on port st.

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Joe in the district championship on Thursday.

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