Bozeman takes down Rutherford on senior night

the bozeman baseball team playing a special game tonight it was senior night the bucks searching the rutherford rams for that match up and the seniors definitely showed up for this one the bucks up 1-0 here in the bottom of the third with two outs now jeremy todd rallies he sends the ball flying through the air and to the back of the fence todd zooms around those bases and makes that one a triple for him and that sets it up perfectly for senior anthony street a little bit later well street line drives that one far to the back of left field and he gets to second not only does he score todd but langlotz coming in hot to home as well the inning ends with bozeman up 3-0 now brandon huang on the mound for the bucks he makes it a quick top of the fourth with two strikeouts he has four total on the night and in the bottom of that inning bucks add more to their lead senior jared pettis sends a grounder to second base he's out on first but another senior dylan shingler scores and a pass ball allows banks buyers to come on home bucks lead 5-0 with that and todd finds a way to get another bozeman player to cross home plate with that hit there bozeman ends the fourth up 6-0 they let the rams score a few after that but not enough to catch up to them the bucks win their senior night game 7-2

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