Busy summer of road construction projects underway in Bozeman

well if the weather is warming up it's got to be construction season MTN's Mallory people takes a look at a few projects that are happening around Bozeman and tells us how you can find out what will be impacting your next drive that's the sound of construction season if you're trying to get anywhere this time of year chances are you run into it Street reconstruction on 20 a veneer in Bozeman is about five blocks long and a foot deep it's slated to continue until the 1st of October city of Bozeman interim public works director Sean cots asked drivers and pedestrians to be patient hopefully drivers can avoid those areas where we do have construction if they can't avoid those areas we really do want them to follow the detour signage and speed limits city projects currently in operation include the Tracy Avenue reconstruction gas work at West Alderson and two projects at opposite ends of Baxter Road more information can be found at the city web page street reports the state is operating dozens of projects across the area including a sidewalk along a story Mill Road the Montana Department of Transportation has provided an interactive map that's really helpful if you're trying to locate a project that might impact your next Drive what you want to do when you visit it is uncheck the boxes like Road incident and cameras make sure you've only got construction selected and then it's broken down into five regions so you'll want to click Butte because that's the one that works for us from there you should see just the projects in your area and if you click on one of the squares it'll bring up more details about it for a link to this visit our website at K bzk com reporting for MTN news I'm Mallory Peebles and a little reminder if you are ticketed while you're driving through a construction zone fines are higher sometimes even doubled in certain cases means

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