Butte softball sweeps rival Bozeman

we begin tonight on the softball diamond for a little rivalry game as Bozeman hosted Butte in a doubleheader this afternoon top of the first run around 2nd the Bulldogs strike first Brittany Tierney it's a ground of that rolls to left field Cody Hoagland skips over it and Sprint's home to score it's 1-0 beaut but Hawks pitcher Parker went ball settles down he or she gets a strikeout then the Bulldogs they load the bases but get nothing more out of it then it's McCole McCarthy's turn on the mound she fans to Bozeman batters but then it's the Hawks turn with bases loaded and you could see the snow coming down making this a bit of a challenge McCall McCarthy throwing a wild pitch Josie Hoffman bird comes home from third to tie the game up at 1-1 but the Bulldogs go on to defeat Bozeman 11 to 1 they sweep the second game 15 6

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