Community weighs in on name for Bozeman’s new high school

there were 176 names suggested for Bozeman's new high school and the school board last night decided on Bozeman west slope High School but feedback from the community hasn't been overly positive to say the least I'm Tanz Emma Hamilton is in studio with more well many members of the community have been expressing their thoughts on the name of the new high school on social media since yesterday evening and several people have shared that they aren't happy with the School Board's decision if there's no significance to it and some people are saying it's tied into the west slope of the bridges or the west slope cutthroat it just didn't have any significance to it and west slope itself it just doesn't have any ring to it well it's interesting that the term west slope obviously isn't necessarily known right away but as you start thinking about it it does signify the state fish we have history of naming other schools after state things so Meadowlark is named after the state bird so it's important that folks know that sort of the rationale that went into this the high school transition committee took all the suggestions from the community and narrowed down the list to three final names Bozeman Spanish Peaks High School Bozeman's storm castle High School in Bozeman west slope High School community members have expressed that they wished they were able to vote on the three names to come up with a final name but what's stipulated in our policy is that the board will make the final decision so by doing that it would have been a little a little bit against policy plus the you know it just wasn't the direction they wanted to go the community has hopes that this decision will be reversed I think it would be important they reconsider their vote because they are other deciding body they can reconsider their vote and I think would be good because I think a lot of the community doesn't like it this is our school it should be our choice now Watson did say that as of right now the board does not plan to reconsider its decision back to you at the desk okay thank you for that I'm a

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