Democratic primary candidates for US House seat debate in Bozeman

minutes Democrats gathered in Bozeman this evening to meet voters and debate some hot topics with moderator and former Supreme Court justice Mike wheat MTN's Morgan Davies reports from the debate for the five candidates running in the US Democratic House of primary took the stage at the Rialto to debate different topics like health care as well as gun control John Heenan and Kathleen Williams grant here and Jared pentanone debated the hot topic issues but they also saw this debate as an opportunity to get to know the voters this is a major population center and a lot of votes to be had here in Gallatin County so as everywhere it's important to show up and let people kick the tires in Montana we take pride in having access to the people that we want to elect and the people that we have elected this is exactly how we can do that citizens and voters can hear how we differ or are similar on the issues there are three styles of questions given to candidates including rapid-fire yes-or-no questions which I'm tans political analyst dr.

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David Parker says was very telling for each candidate a lot of debates sometimes it's only 30 seconds a minute the negative is there wasn't a back-and-forth between the candidates which is something I think that's exciting and it's interesting and I really wanted to see but we did get a good sense of the candidates I think overall the five candidates will face off in the June primary and the winner of that will take on incumbent Republican Gregg Jeanne Forte reporting in Bozeman Morgan Davies MTN news and in national news new questions are being raised about the initial response to the florida school shooting by some Broward County sheriff's deputies.

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