Design of a roof addition over an existing concrete patio in Bozeman, MT part 1

welcome to my weblog the purpose of this blog will be to create and share useful information in video form through experiences with my past and present projects I hope you enjoy these videos in this two-part video series we will look at the design and construction of a roof extension over an existing concrete patio this project is for the residents of Mike and Gina cook in the Four Corners area of Bozeman Montana the existing patio is outside the dining room on the west side of the residence at this point with no shading options this patio area is essentially unusable on a sunny summer afternoon here in part one we will look at the existing conditions our construction options and the decisions we made in arriving at a final design our first option will be to look at the feasibility of ledgering off the wall above the door and extending the new roof onto a post and beam structure at the outside edge of the patio a cross-section view of this option shows that the combination of a low ledger height minimal roof slope and the depth of the supporting beam will block the views from the dining area a better option will be to use the supporting post and beam structure but work backwards from a beam height that preserves the view again this is illustrated in a cross-section view we first calculated a sight line clearance height then going with a beam depth of eight inches our roof pitch of three and twelve and a two by six root structure we are able to determine the contact and bearing points of this new roof onto the existing roof our next decision was how to handle the existing eave area under the new roof for aesthetic purposes we decided it needed to be removed and extending the plane of the wall vertically to the underside of the new roof the existing 612 roof is a truss system we were able to contact the original trust manufacturer in order to verify that removing the eave area would not compromise the structural integrity of the existing trusses the next issue to be decided was material selection it's safe to say that this new structure will be the prominent architectural feature on that side of the home with that in mind we decided to go with a sturdy rough hewn look a typical exterior porch construction would be four by or six by posts and beams we decided to up the ante and go with eight by eight rough sawn post and beams and two by six rough sawn rafters we ordered this material from Kip Huckabee of S&K custom molding in Cardwell Montana I have purchased rough cut materials on a number of occasions from SNK their material has always been high quality and very consistent dimensionally the underside of this new covered patio will be highly visible from the interior as well as from outside in the backyard the exposed underside will be 1 by 6 on top of 2 by 6 rafters everything exposed will be pre stained will also have a little fun with customizing the brackets and connection plates in our next video we will look at the actual construction process I think you will find it both interesting and informative thanks for watching for more information on my construction background go to Peter Q Brown com


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