‘It doesn’t happen everyday:’ Bozeman woman breaks into hotel, accused of series of crimes

a woman already charged with using bear spray on her husband and ex-boyfriend now faces more charges according to police this woman has been causing problems all over Bozeman mtns Cody Boyer is live right now with the whole story Cody Kalyn Kevin Rexie lane Puri is charged with burglary after detectives say she broke into this Comfort Inn two mornings ago now court documents show Peary found her way to the conference room causing damage along the way and this is not her first arrest this month it doesn't happen every day Bozeman City police detective Robert Vaughn uka says the call from Comfort and came around 2:00 a.m.

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Tuesday morning and it was an unusual one apparently the suspect entered the building and then forced entry into the downstairs conference room and did it quite an extensive amount of damage according to court documents cameras caught a woman fitting Rex Elaine Fury's description causing damage than leaving police caught up with her trying to use someone else's car detectives say Puri is accused of causing quite a bit of damage inside of this Comfort Inn and they also say that surveillance cameras caught her doing so including a broken exterior window fire extinguishers electronic exit signs ceiling tiles furniture wall coverings a second floor window other framed pictures and more totaling to more than 15-hundred dollars in damage in the courtroom the prosecutor says the crime spree didn't and their charges are still possible about an incident at Bozeman health Deaconess Hospital the cancer patients having to be evacuated which according to the prosecutor caused more problems possible restitution dollars and we've seen Pirie before on July 8th Peary was accused of having meth and spraying her husband and her ex-boyfriend with bear spray at a Bozeman apartment detective wanaka says while this ended with an arrest its lucky no one was hurt we're dealing with monetary damages here you know we can always replace product hotel manager says tells me that his employees called police immediately doing the right thing now in a statement hospital officials also say their staff put their patients first to make sure they stayed safe during that evacuation live in Bozeman Cody Boyer back to you all right thank you Cody

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