Local Bozeman businesses booming as big-box presence grows

big weekend for a lot of local businesses in downtown Bozeman many of special events from welcoming famous authors to preparing for hundreds of customers for National Store celebrations with the city expanding in big-box stores moving in these smaller stores say it shows how well independent businesses are doing despite the big name growth empty ends Cody Boyer stopped in to a few of these stores to find out what the secret ingredient is he's live in the studio with more details that's right Patrice Kaitlyn a growing city means growing business big-box stores become more commonplace which means smaller independent businesses usually have a big name to compete with the locally owned businesses along Main Street say despite that they are doing well business is booming it's a great place to be in business right now store owners like Mike bueno Goods say there is no cramping downtown Bozeman style when it comes to locally owned businesses like his he adds that hasn't always been the case downtown Bozeman has really turned around you know a few years ago there was empty spaces up and down Main Street and things were not looking great and we came to a point actually where we thought we were gonna have to close our doors so I thought that we're still here good says with events like Record Store Day this weekend stand as a testament to how far businesses like his have come tomorrow morning before we open there will be a line down the street it is incredibly fun for owners like Mike here at Cactus Records he says the big difference could come down to personality I feel like Vox carts are a little bit homogenized and it's it's something you have to do it's not an enjoyable shopping experience the owner of concrete books of breeze while decades ago there may have been a decline when the big boxes were moving in she says the city has figured out how to keep up I think people really recognize the value that we bring to the community to make it a unique place country bookshelf owner Arianna Palio Baga says she credits those coming into her store with nationally renowned author John pavlovic making a Sunday visit in a large turnout expected she says that is an example it's the people people around here come here because of the great community feel they come here for the outdoors and they don't want this to feel like any other town whether it's people or personality some say it's both we have been here for like 40 years in downtown Bozeman and we aren't going anywhere author Jon Pavlovic will be at the country bookshelf at 3 o'clock on Sunday and Record Store Day will asked all day on Saturday cactus Records is right across the street back to you alright thank you so much Cody today

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