New medical services coming to Bozeman due to increase in population

a new medical provider for people who don't have insurance will be opening in Bozeman next month it's kind of like getting a Costco's or Sam's Club membership but you pay a membership fee for your healthcare coverage yeah it's the first of its kind for this area which begs a question what made the owners of this new facilities open up shop here MTN's Medeiros Babb takes a look starting April 1st this spot located at Ferguson farm will be Bozeman primary care a traditional primary care provider with a twist the option for a monthly membership for 24/7 care it's been called concierge care but affordable this is the first time a service like this has been offered in Bozeman and co-founder Terry Edwards says the idea came from comments he was hearing from locals over the past 15 years kind of commented on why is it three to four months to get a physical exam with you dr.

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Edwards or why is it a month out to get a blood pressure check with you at cetera Bozeman Chamber of Commerce president Darrell slim said the new medical options coming to Bozeman directly relates to an increase in population so I think our growing county our growing business community in Bozeman as a whole being healthy it is basically being attractive to all health type industries being able to come out here even though more medical providers including Bozeman primary care and Billings Clinic are coming to town that doesn't mean that the health care costs for local citizens will go down unfortunately health care costs have almost always exceeded the rate of inflation that's true in Bozeman it's true New York City and everywhere in between Mel said this is because unlike other industries it's not just something citizens want it's something they need in Bozeman Medeiros Babb MTN news care will not only rely on their membership fees for their services but they'll also be a primary care provider that accepts insurance as well our

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