Nonprofit brings worldwide resource for abuse survivors to Bozeman

we are her is a nonprofit for trauma survivors that was founded in October 2016 by a young woman who moved to Bozeman in 2014 Stevi croissant created this online blog to give men and women a place to have a voice after experiencing trauma such as sexual assault the nonprofit has had great success on the internet across the globe and it's starting to have a physical presence in Bozeman you have this community behind you who believes you who wants to know your story and who wants to be there for you and so that has been really empowering to see survivors from all over the world come together and let everybody else know that hey I hear your story and it's important thank you for sharing and there will be a gathering at the farmers daughters cafe early next month for women to be able to connect with one another croissant hopes to connect with partners in Bozeman to grow this blog showing up

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