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customers of a southwest florida business whose 
owner faces jail time are left wondering what that   means for paid projects and warranties the owner 
of target roofing misused covid relief money and   will be sentenced in exactly three months wing 
news reporter anika henniger is live in the studio   and anika target roofing employs a few hundred 
people what does this mean for the people who   work there casey crowther told me over the phone 
every one of his 200 plus employees is good they   have families and their jobs are secure same thing 
for his customers and would-be customers don't   worry big promises for a man who faces 30, 50 and 
if he gets the max more than 100 years in prison   the jury has spoken casey crowther owner of target 
roofing and sheet metal is guilty as charged now his customers have questions you know casey 
crowther is the owner but what's going to happen   to all the little people jim rider told me target 
roofing did the roof on his condo is the warranty   good if crowther goes to prison concerned that 
you know if something does happen to our roofs   we're going to have to pay up again and a lot of 
people here cannot afford it so i called crowther   and he agreed to answer questions but not about 
his criminal case he told me his customers have   nothing to worry about they're in great shape 
he said it's a large company that trial was for   one person and that was me and not them they'll 
be in good shape and in good hands crowther told   us target roofing will operate as usual and the 
company will stay in his name even if he's in   jail he can own a company and it can operate 
so any warranty or guarantee in the contract   that's signed by target roofing is still active 
as long as the company is and crowther told me   his workers will be good too crowther said for me 
the employees are the important part as they were   before and as they are now i can't just give up on 
200 families that's just not fair crowther told me   his customers should trust target roofing because 
of his employees if you are a customer the lawyers   in my story say you should review your contracts 
and if you have any issues get them taken care of   now crowther goes before a judge for sentencing at 
the end of june chris we wanted to let everyone   know that target roofing did receive approximately 
two million dollars in ppp program funds   once it received those funds those funds were 
utilized to actually employ 50 members of the   workforce 5-0 and target roofing expended 3.5 
million dollars in payroll alone during the   relevant time period it's 1.5 million dollars more 
than the funds that they received those pp funds   ppp funds were used and utilized for exactly what 
congress intended to be used for target roofing   was able to actually hire back employees that 
they had either laid off or furloughed during   the february march time period when COVID-19 
started they were able to maintain those employees   during a global pandemic and more importantly 
they were able to pay those ways all of those   workers got paid with assistance from the ppp 
program but also assistance from target roofing target roofing intends to continue to serve 
the community in south uh southwest florida   they appreciate their customers they 
appreciate the support they've received   and most of all they appreciate their 
team of workers they hope to continue   to create jobs for this community because 
that's exactly what this pp program was for   to maintain jobs to create jobs and let's keep the 
people of fort myers and the lee county area paid   it's unfortunate and we're disappointed that the 
government decided even with this information   to continue towards indictment but we plan 
on aggressively defending the allegations   and both mr crowther and myself 
look forward to our day in court that's all that's all we have i i can't tell you 
what the federal government is thinking but from   our perspective we're going to keep making 
creating jobs we're going to keep employing   the employees of target roofing and we're going 
to keep serving our customers and that's the   final word of target roofing thank you for 
your time and i appreciate your your respect

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