‘Too fast, some furious:’ Bozeman police, community responds to residential speeding

we've all seen this it's sometimes it just doesn't seem like drivers are paying a whole lot of attention to those speed limit signs especially in those quiet residential neighborhoods I'm Deanne Scotty Boyer is live in studio with more details that's right Kaitlyn Kevin most speed limits throughout the city of Bozeman range from 15 to 25 miles per hour and some don't seem to heed the signs traffic in general is one of the the top concerns of many residents quiet neighborhoods are supposed to be just that quiet and safe so when the speed limit and slow areas is ignored that's a different story it's easy to get in a hurry Carl bear lives in one of those neighborhoods even with signs like this one he notices those who still can't wait the one that gets me is he didn't move here to hurry you know I see that on the back of somebody's card I'm like good fight others say a few other places have digital signs like this one but many still hit the gas I've noticed many people driving through this stretch of derstand are slowing down almost because they see me or hopefully this is doing the trick so let's try it without me by it that seemed to work okay so noticeable difference since I moved back from the sign the average has gone up to about 10 miles over the speed limit little fast motorist safety is a big deal for us Bozeman police chief Steve Crawford says this is a kind of call his officers often get we do periodically get reports of motorists traveling too fast oftentimes when we are stopping vehicles that are exceeding in the posted speed limit they live in that neighborhood chief Crawford adds narrow streets with many parked cars can hide unseen dangers like kids playing outside residents can ask for help if they notice a trend they can request or work with our neighborhood coordinator on requesting temporary traffic calming devices an experiment that folks like Carl have noticed in return I really like some of the traffic calming features that they're putting in I think that that helps remind us to go slow but still chief Crawford says it is a growing issue and hard to stop completely slow down leave early enough so that you don't have to be in a hurry watch where you're going and watch the speed lines now there is a specific email listed with the Bozeman Police Department for you to email complaints about speeders too you can find more information about that on our website back to you all right Evan

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