With Painted Hills gap complete, Bozeman trails connect Main Street to mountains

Bozeman trail users have something to celebrate as a new portion of the trail is unveiled today while it's only two and a half miles mtns Mallory Peebles explains why its impact is much larger this project fits perfectly into the Main Street to mountains idea you can now start at the library right there on Main Street and end up on the triple tree summit I take beautiful days when we're outside as a sign this was meant to be it only took 28 years that's when Chris Boyd founded the Gallatin Valley Land Trust and the idea of Main Street to mountains Eva Patton is a former board member she knew Chris she was the board chair and she's gonna say a few words heard about the dream of Main Street to the mountains and thought wow like the trail itself it wasn't a direct path to the destination it took decades to secure land donations and easements from six private owners the county and local subdivisions it's a wonderful day to have this open up and so appreciative to everybody that put this together so we could have this trail and continue on out there's some fun switchbacks that are actually bike friendly drain well hike friendly so it's it's more than just a token connector bringing all types of trail users in the community together this community would be starkly different had it not been for Chris Boyd he along with a lot of wonderful people here had a vision and he had tenacity and he had a dream and now he has a legacy ready 1 2 3 for more information about Main Street to mountains and a list of the trails it includes visit our website for a link reporting from Bozeman I'm Mallory Peebles with MTN news thanks Mallory and GV LT says next year it anticipates possible groundbreaking on a trail connecting Main Street to the north and Bridger rage

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